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Armour Stone Delivery Services in Ontario and Canada

Are you building a retaining wall using Armour Stone, or looking to improve the landscaping around your house? We specialize in Armour Stone Delivery to locations across Canada. Originating in Central Ontario, our team is well versed in this field, and we offer a variety of ways for you to receive your stone safely and quickly. Additionally, we offer moffett forklift services to offload stone for you. See how we can be of service to you!

We can haul up to 45 tonnes of stone on a flatbed trailer, and also offer the option for up to 40 tonnes in our Roll Off Truck and Trailer combination (max 20 tonnes per bin).   

Flatbed Trailer Armour Stone Deliveries

Armour Stone shipped on flatbed trailers is always strapped down securely and will need to be unloaded using a machine large enough to handle the weight of the stone ordered. Flatbed trailers are up to 50ft long and can accommodate both skidded and bulk armour stone. It is the responsibility of the party ordering the stone, to verify there is a machine onsite capable of offloading it properly. 


Rolloff Bin Armour Stone Deliveries

Stone shipped in a roll off bin is often stone that is too small to be considered a safe and secure load on a flatbed. This could include smaller sizes of armour stone, bobcat material, round boulders and more. This stone is dumped out of the bin onto the ground, for placement by our clients.  Roll off trucks can detach from the trailer to offer easier access into tighter delivery locations, to accommodate any type and size of project.


Should you not have the machinery necessary to unload the stone yourself, we can offer Moffett forklift services. This is a hitchhiker forklift that attaches to the end of the trailer, that can be detached and used to unload the stone for you. Our hitchhiker can lift stone up to 2 tonnes in total weight. Please note, we do not place the stone for you, we just take it off the truck, and site personnel are still required to be onsite during the offload to assist our operators.

Quarries We Work With

We have developed relationships with a variety of quarries across Ontario, and know the ins and outs of each one. We work closely with:


Kawartha Rock Quarry - Buckhorn, ON

Kawartha Custom Cut Stone - Brechin, ON

Buckhorn Sand and Gravel - Buckhorn, ON

Youngs Quarry - Bobcaygeon, ON

Drain Bros - Havelock, ON

Merv Johnson Quarry - Bobcaygeon, ON

Stonescape Quarry - Buckhorn, ON

Upper Canada Stone - Madoc, ON

Attia Quarry - Orillia, ON

Owen Sound Ledgerock - Owen Sound, ON

Wiarton Stone Quarry - Wiarton, ON

Mcfayden’s Stone Quarry - Huntsville, ON

Van Dyk Quarry - Huntsville, ON

Kafka Granite - North Bay, ON


We work with many other quarries across Canada, and are able to pick up and deliver stone wherever you need.

Contact Us

To learn more about our services or to schedule a delivery, please contact :

Dispatch: Kyla Kroon (905)-473-6883

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