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Professional Ontario Demolition Contractor

Danosh Construction is a professional full-service demolition contractor in Southern Ontario, equipped to handle any size of project including residential, commercial, and industrial scale. With over 35 years of experience, our ecological approach follows a very strict code of rules and regulations in order to guarantee every deconstructed site is handled properly, professionally, and by the book. As a licensed contractor with the Ministry of the Environment and Ministry of Transportation, we are able to ensure that all types of wastes are handled and transported properly to licensed waste and recycling facilities all across Ontario  Additionally, we offer post demolition excavation and foundation construction services.

Not only is our team highly skilled in all areas of full demolition and dismantling, we also follow  an eco-friendly approach throughout all of our projects. Our commitment to the reuse and proper recycling of applicable materials is what sets us apart from our  competition. You can rest assured knowing the job will be done correctly, and we are doing our part to help the environment to ensure a better future

Our Specializations

  We Specialize in sites like:

  • Historical lands

  • Bridges

  • Hospitals/Airports

  • Residential / Commercial / Industrial

  • Environmentally protected

  • Contaminated soils / Brownfields

  • Wetlands

Demoliton of a home in Southern Ontario
Demolition of a residential home in southern Ontario

  And Offer Services such as:

  • Designated substance surveys

  • Pool Removal

  • Aboveground fuel tank removal

  • Furnace/Boiler removal

  • Underground fuel tank removal

  • Foundation removal

  • Barn / Silo dismantling

Excavation Service

Excavation for a new foundation in southern Ontario

How Much Does Demolition Cost?

The cost of every demolition project will vary, dependent on the specific scope of work it involves, as no two projects are exactly the same. Some factors that may affect costs are: the access available for machinery, the size of the structure, municipality bylaws/regulations, options to back fill, etc. However, A budgetary cost range for the demolition of a standard size house is usually between $15,000 - $30,000.

Upon completion of a full demolition for any residential, commercial, or industrial site, we offer professional excavation services. Using architectural drawings and plans, we can excavate for your new foundation specific to the measurements outlined. Often, we excavate for the new foundation right after we finish the demolition. This allows for an easier transition from the demolition to the building phase, and makes it easier on the client because it eliminates the need to hire multiple contractors.

If excavation is not applicable, and you are back filling the void, we are able to complete this portion as well. We will bring in compactable back fill material, and compact it to ensure there is no sinkage, and it is as if nothing was ever there.

Excavation Service

What is Involved in a Demolition?

Depending on your project, the scope of work required can vary. Our basic procedural scope of work of any demolition includes:


Obtain all necessary permits and locates.


Provide temporary fencing for entirety of project.


Remove and dispose of existing structure, down to existing foundation.


Remove and dispose of the foundation, including footings.


Recycle materials where applicable, such as metal and wood.


Dispose of all remaining debris at a registered transfer station.


Leave area open for new foundation construction, or back fill void and compact to grade.



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