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Our Services

We provide services across Canada for trucking and hauling gravel, limestone, armour stone, dirt, sand, rock, block, heavy hauls, oversize loads, and a variety of others. At Danosh Construction, we meet requirements, are responsive, and can offer customized options that larger companies may not be able to. Our trailer fleet consists of flatbed trailers, b-trains, vantrailers, float and drop deck trailers, dump trailers, moffett forklifts and much more. Our triaxle roll off bin truck + pup can haul up to 40 metric tonnes (20tonne per bin), while our flatbed trucks can haul up to 45 metric tonne per load.

We hold full liability insurance for every truck, trailer and bin used to transport our clients products, and we won't use trucks not insured under the Danosh policy. We have been licensed Since 2005 with a MECP Certificate of Approval for Waste Management System, # 7220-5BVHMH.

All of our trucks are usually booked a week in advance, so that we may coordinate the logistics of the delivery. Our goal at Danosh Construction is to provide our customers with the piece of mind that their delivery will arrive safely and on time.

Float Service

We offer a highly efficient and safe float service for almost any machinery or equipment you may have. We have experience floating excavators, tractors, heavy equipment, and more to and from the job site. Our drivers are all experienced in making sure that the load is secured and safe, and can properly navigate the roads to ensure your delivery arrives on time.

Long Haul Delivery

We have all of the elements in place to offer a premium long haul trucking service across Canada, and into the USA. We can use any of our fleet of trailers to either deliver or pickup your load including our flatdeck trailers, dry van trailers and more. 

Oversize Loads

We specialize in the transportation of oversize and over dimensional loads. Such loads require extra care and planning, sometimes including route planning, permits, private pilot car/police escorts, and continuous coordination with local authorities. We have the experience and training to ensure the delivery of your load arrives safely and on time.

Contact Us

To learn more about our services or to schedule a delivery, please contact :

Dispatch: Kyla Kroon (905)-473-6883

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